Download Sabacc

So, you want to download Sabacc? You made the right choice! Sabacc is currently available prepackaged for users of MS Windows and Debian-based Linux distributions, but is also available as source for anyone with Python (and a couple of other requirements) installed. Although the current stable version of Sabacc is 0.6 'Ackbar', a beta version of Sabacc 1.0, nicknamed Bothan, is available. This version is recommended over the earlier version, as it not only adds many new features, it is also generally more stable and less buggy than the earlier version.

Please ensure that you download the correct file for your operating system. Which file do you want to download?

For past versions of Sabacc, please see the Sourceforge downloads page.

Please note that although Sabacc is no longer Beta software, it will still doubtless have some bugs. If you find any bugs, I would be very grateful if you reported them to me.